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Thank you for your hard work I saw 5 solicitors during the last 6 years and they all asked me to go back to my country and ask for a visa from there but with you i obtained my visa here and I can say my case was very hard, you done a great job, Thank you once again to you and all your team.
Mr D.Z from East London whom we assisted with an application outside the rules.

Lighthouse Solicitors dealt with my case for applying for British Citizenship. The outcome was successful and it only took one month! Their services are reliable and efficient. I was very pleased with the meetings I had with the solicitor with regards to preparing my application and with the result of my case. Lighthouse Solicitors are very helpful, accommodating to your needs and timings, and keep you posted throughout the application procedure. I cannot thank you enough for making this process smooth and successful!
Ms M from East London- whom we assisted with her naturalisation application.

“This is to register my deep gratitude and appreciation for the excellent advice & service provided by you in obtaining an indefinite leave to remain visa in my case in the shortest expected time. Before that, you did a similar professional job in the case of my wife and son. I have already recommended you to another newly arrived colleague at the Commonwealth from Pakistan and assured him of a professional outcome to his family situation. I will have no hesitation in making further recommendations in the future.”
Mr K - Pakistani national from Harrow whom we assisted with a long residence application outside the rules.

I would like to thank Lighthouse Solicitors for your impressive expertise in helping me obtain my residency in the UK. After having been with a rather disappointing solicitor, Lighthouse was recommended to me at a time when my hope in the success of my Indefinite leave to remain appeal under long residency was rather frail. Your expertise, knowledge, efficiency and clarity in dealing with my case gave me immense re-assurance not only that my case will be successful but also that I was with the best Lawyer to stand for me. Lighthouse, you are truly a light! Thank you.

Ms A from Birmingham whom we assisted with her long residence & human rights appeal

I would like to thank you for your excellent service and help for resolving my immigration matter successfully. It has been a decade of nightmare for me being without any immigration status after having my application turned down in the year 2000.  Your clear and concise legal advice has given me a very satisfactory outcome after such a long wait. I am very much pleased with the result.
After the setbacks of previous advisor I was feeling very intimidated by the authorities and I had nearly given up all hope, but with you representing me, I really felt like I had a voice.
I highly appreciate your liaison by the regular follow-up emails to keep me aware of the progress about my case. 
I wish I had used your services long before so that I could have saved time and avoided all the hassle and disappointment I experienced with my previous solicitors.
I have to stress that your service was very professional, very efficient and above all very courteous at all times for which I am highly thankful.

Mr W -  in Bournemouth whom we assisted with his legacy case.

Indeed, without your help, by now i should say i would be back home.  Thanks very much.
I was totally confused, especially when i could hear from most friends who their cases failed after contacting lawyers.  I can remember some telling me, "you will just lose your money, you will not win"  Yes, this reminds me, you really handled my case to fit with my financial situation.  I almost gave up when i was told the charge if you had to go to court in person at the first instance, but thank God you came up with an idea -" to send the documents, as you stated to reduce costs."  you really gave me strength.
I was so satisfied with the way you handled my case i.e any correspondence you did, you always remembered to give me a copy as well. 
Thank you for the effort you made to find information which in most cases i was unable to provide with.
 I should also thank the person who reffered me to you- as she said "call this number , they are specialists in immigratiion issues, they never fail." yes you did not fail my case, here i am.
Am proud of you, may God bless you.

Ms W from Malawi whom we assisted with a Tier 4 appeal before the First tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal.

If there was a level above been called the best solicitors, it should be awarded to you guys. All possible odds were proving negative, but the gift of your professional aid helped me sail through my case. A thousand thank yous and over!
Mr A from Leicester whom we assisted with a long residence and human rights appeal.

 After 10 years in the UK without a final immigration status, my case was by no means a straight forward one. I had been failed by the immigration system and it seemed like my pleas were falling on deaf ears. Lighthouse Solicitors gave me hope to continue my immigration fight for settlement in the UK. Their immigration advice was honest, professional and  trustworthy. In a short period of time, I was granted indefinite leave to remain. A month later, I was sworn in as a British citizen.I owe Lighthouse Solicitors a debt of gratitude and to their merit, I can now look forward to a better future in the UK!! I have already recommended Lighthouse Solicitors to many of my friends!! "
Mr A V from Kent.

My case was about 10 years old when I trasffered to the lighthouse solicitors.What they achieved with 3 months other solicitors couldn't do for those wasted 10 years and I am realy greatful.
Mr N from Milton Keynes whom we assisted with his legacy case.

I would like to send you this testimonial to add to the website ... I felt like there was no hope for me after my Asylum case had been dragging on for over an year. When I consulted Lighthouse solicitors they gave me new hope, and solved my case, I would highly recommend Lighthouse solicitors to anybody. They are hard working and dedicated professional lawyers, who are highly efficient at what they are doing. I am grateful to Mr Rizwan for giving me a new life and a great future
Mr MS - Wales (Asylum Human Rights - fresh claim accepted and allowed on first instance appeal on thew strength of expert evidence from Sri Lanka)

Your hard work and effort is much appreciated. Following the success of my re-application, I would be glad to recommend your services to others who may be in a similar situation. Thank you once again.
Miss RN (from London) - a successful re-application for a Tier 4 Student following a refusal.

I would like to thank you so much for all the help you furnished for our case. You provided a lot of effort to find the best solution to solve our case. Your work is the one of a true professional who knows what to do at the good time. I heard about you from one friend who went to you few years ago, and as well you succeeded his case. My visa was expired for long time but thanks to your hard work I received a 5 years residence card, and if God willing after this time expires I will definitely go back to you to apply for an indefinite remain in UK because I trust you. I was so pleased to know you in person, me and my family are very grateful to you, we don't know how to thank you but we think the best gift is to ask to God the good for you and your family. I do recommend your services to everyone in need to find a solution to their problems, you are very competent, trustworthy and a very good person. Thank you so much, may God protect you.
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Mr MK (Egyptian national) - Overstayer awarded a Certificate of Approval and Right of Residence under European Regulations.

“We had spoken to 3 lawyers all of whom had been negative about our chances of success. You kept re-assuring us. You were brilliant. We don’t know how to thank you.Dr FA Pakistani Hospital Doctor client whose Tier 1 (general) application had been refused without a right of appeal and whom we assisted with successful further representations to the UKBA.”

“I can't believe he got the visa within 3 days! … Thank you so much for your help.”- Ms E – British wife of Brazilian client whom we assisted with his spouse entry clearance application from Brazil after he left the U.K.

“Please excuse the pun but you truly were a guiding light for us. My wife and I had waited 10 years for this case to be resolved and all your hard work in the last few months has meant that we can now finally get on with our lives without this worry hanging over us. We don’t know how to thank you. “Mr G – Zimbabwean client with British wife whom we had assisted with his Legacy case under the Case Resolution Programme.

“I must say I am very excited … I don’t know what to say, I am just short of words and believing the ECO will act as soon as possible because I must tell you dearly, i need my husband badly. It has not been easy for me alone here and our baby will be 1 year in October. It will be great to have my husband here to MARK her birthday.
Please help me send my regards to the barrister and let her know how excited  I am at this stage. In all, I must say thank you for your efforts and trust. Mrs G - Tier 1 (General) client from Nigeria whose husband had been refused entry clearance as a PBS dependant on three occasions prior to instructing us with his appeal.

  “just can’t find words to thank you for helping me with my case. I am still in shock that I got ILR after all that had happed to my case before. I am also telling all the forum members to contact you since you are the best solicitor ever in UK. I guess you have been or you will be receiving a lot of phone calls. – Ms A a Zimbabwean client who had been granted indefinite leave to remain following consideration of her case under the Case Resolution Programme.

Once again - thank you. I have already recommended you to two friends and I will certainly be recommending you to anyone in need of an immigration lawyer.
Dr K – British wife of a client who had been granted entry clearance as a spouse.

My wife received a letter from the Home Office yesterday confirming that her application for citizenship has been accepted and inviting her to attend a citizenship ceremony. We would both like to thank you for your assistance in resolving the matter and especially for the exemplary level of service you gave us throughout. We’re both extremely grateful to you and your firm
. Mr B - husband of a client whom we had assisted with a successful application for indefinite leave to remain outside the rules and then an immediate application for naturalization as a British citizen.

“What you did for us we will never forget, without your experience I don't think I would have got through it.”– Ms P – British citizen wife of an Iranian client we assisted with an appeal against refusal of entry clearance as a spouse.

“You really brought happiness to my life after I had waited for so long for my wife and my children to join me here in UK. I have spoken to 4 different solicitors, all doubted the chances of success, until I met you. At the end of all, they were given their visas within 7 days. In fact, I am short of words in the case of my younger brother, you did it again. You are truly a professional.”  Mr OE (UK), Mrs EA (Nigerian), Mr OA (Nigerian) – a successful application for an EEA Residence Document (family members) and an application for a student visa; both had applications refused earlier.

"I had quite a complicated case where my wife and my children were all British citizen whereas my status was not unresolved and left aside by the home office. A friend of mine recommended Lighthouse Solicitors and I decided to let Lighthouse Solicitors work on my case. They worked very hard and did not give up until my case was resolved. By the grace of God and the hard work of Lighthouse Solicitors, I now have indefinite leave to remain. I would highly recommend Lighthouse Solicitors to anyone who's case is simple or complicated!". Mr IL (Kosovan National), London. Indefinite leave granted under the Case Resolution Exercise in the face of misplaced allegations made against the Applicants earlier in the case. 

“There are many solicitors around, but the service provided by Lighthouse Solicitors is worth considering. They give honest answers to questions and suggest all available possible options. Their are no hidden charges and when they prepare and represent the case in court or before UKBA, 99.9% of decisions come in the client’s favour. I personally have recommended many friends and all the outcomes have been in their favour including of course my case as well. They are as good as Gold”. Mr MK, East London – Work Permit Application, family visit appeals, Tier 1 (General) extensions.

“We want to thank you for your help and assistance in getting permission to remain in UK under Discretionary Leave. We received competent legal services from a professional Immigration Solicitor that’s exactly what we badly needed when we were visiting different lawyers. I really want to express deep gratefulness for the work and concern you have shown towards our case, despite the relatively short time that was left. Also your great patience was a huge help and we are pleased to retain your services now and will in future whenever required.” Mr. & Mrs. K Pakistani nationals, London – successful appeals against an HSMP refusal, on human rights grounds, enabling further High Court proceedings.

“After my appeal was rejected, because of its difficult nature and also my previous solicitor could not get positive result, I heard about you from a friend of mine. With your help the decision was reconsidered and we got result which we were hoping for. I have received a very professional and friendly service. I would recommend you to everyone who requires help in immigration matters. Thanks a lot!” Mr RM, Georgian national, London – Student / Tier 4 Migrant – Application for Reconsideration successful following unsuccessful appeal.

“It's hard to even find the correct words to say thank you for all the help and time which you put into our case after we had been refused twice, once for entry without a visa and again after having been refused a spousal visa you was able to appeal our case. I have to say you are very thorough with your work, every little detail was checked. You did not waste any time with the appeal put it forward straight away once our court date had arrived and attended court (which took 6 months) thanks to you and the barrister we won our case after almost three years of being apart from my husband we are finally together. I was recommended to you and I have also recommended friends and will carry on recommending you to any one that would need help with immigration matter without a doubt (I will be back for advice once our two year visa is about to expire). Thank you once again” Mrs RS (UK) and Mr SW, Jamaican national, Harrow, Middlesex – Successful appeal following refusal of spouse entry clearance. Refusal was based largely on applicant’s finances as sponsor was in receipt of income benefits. Also genuineness of relationship questioned.

“Hi, I would just like to thank you so much for all the work and extra effort that went into winning my wife’s appeal for leave to remain in England. You provided an excellent service with a huge amount of research. You also got us an amazing Barrister who was absolutely brilliant and represented us in the most professional manner. We are both extremely happy with the outcome and would have never been able to win the case without your dedicated and thorough service. My wife and I are very satisfied with the attention and friendly service we received. Thank you.” Mr T (UK) and Mrs S, Jamaican national, Ipswich – Successful appeal following refusal of spouse entry clearance and an earlier refusal. Refusal was based largely on sponsor’s  finances due to low income and difficulties in evidencing that the relationship was indeed a genuine one.

"Thank you for your presentation at the University of Bedfordshire's Law Careers Conference on Wednesday, 7 November.  Our students valued your insights into the legal profession and your personal career journey.  Some comments included: "Well prepared and interesting...fresh ideas – GREAT...excellent presentation with all relevant info." whereas others mentioned how your talk challenged them to overcome their self-imposed barriers to their career development, stating:  "Stumbling blocks? They don’t exist.  [Lighthouse Solicitors] showed that we can achieve whatever." Careers Adviser, University of Bedfordshire)

What our clients say about us:

"I saw 5 solicitors during the last 6 years"...

"Lighthouse Solicitors dealt with my case"...

"This is to register my deep gratitude"....

"I 'd like to thank Lighthouse Solicitors"...


The Right to Marry in the UK and Closure of the Certificate of Approval Scheme on 9th May 2011.

Changes to Student visas effective from 21 April 2011.

Changes relating to Re-entry bans - reduced from 5 years to 2 years where individuals voluntarily return – April 2011.

Post-Study Work (PSW) to close from April 2012.

Changes affecting settlement applications - New criminality and income requirements – from 6th April 2011.

Accreditation Requirements - Important news for Colleges and Universities under Tier 4.

Faster routes for settlement for Investors and Entrepreneurs under Tier 1 – March 2011.

Closure of Workers Registration Scheme (WRS) – 10 March 2011.

Tier 2 - skilled workers: Changes to Tier 2 (General) – limit on visas, changes to Shortage occupations list and Graduate level requirements started. – March 2011.

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